Large Vessel Ship Handling and Navigation Course for Senior Officers


The aim of this course is to equip senior officers and marine pilots with further knowledge and manoeuvring skills of how to safely and efficiently handle large vessels, under influence of various met-ocean conditions (wind, waves and current) during port approaches and port navigation.

The course consists of a combination of theoretical lessons and practical simulator training. The core value of the course is transforming theoretical hydrodynamic knowledge into manoeuvring skills – the art of ship handling.

Each participant will have the opportunity to execute 6 manoeuvers from picking up pilot to anchoring and berthing/un-berthing.

Course Objective
On completion of the course, officers should be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of the behavior of large vessel when subjected to the various influence of tide, wind, hydrographic constrains and those inherent to vessel’s operation;
  • Effectively maintain control of large vessel when maneuvering in confined waters, in berthing and un-berthing, in making a turn, picking up pilot, in anchoring and in emergencies;
  • Plan safe passage and manoeuvre in pilotage waters and have greater awareness of the important of an alternative plan;
  • Identify different types of emergency and strategy for dealing with emergencies.

Course Coverage
Knowledge and Skills learned includes:

  • Ship handling theory for large vessel;
  • Large vessel manoeuvrability and operational limits;
  • Pilotage manoeuvring strategies in port and confined water;
  • Practical manoeuvring exercises in simulator;
  • Emergency manoeuvring and limitation.

Duration : 2 day for 1 participant / 3 days for 2 participants / 4 days for 3 participants

Number of Participants : Course will start when there is one registered participant.

Course Fee : $2,500 per person

Certification : Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who have successfully completed the course.

Course Registration
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